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Key Fundamentals Part 2 – Superism

Key Fundamentals Part 2

Fall 2018 –
“Key Fundamentals Part 2”

The fall always brings new beginnings and possibilities. This is when the kids go back to school, the weather gets crisper and families get closer. Memories are built during these times.

This second collection drop is comprised of those key fundamentals of building fashion sense at an early age, building off of the first drop. These ideals are carried through life and assists at creating a better you. By creating a moody color palate of Maroon & Black, this brings in the transition from Fall to Winter. Borrowing nods from the mid-90s, this nostalgic assortment combines bold patterns, track kits, and polos. Along with that, you will find some beautifully treated denim and cozy polar fleece. This offering is heighted by the Sky Is The Limit graphic. With a strong foundation there’s no limit to what a kid can become.

Building the foundation and fundamentals at a young age will always reflect through the years to shape the new leaders of the world. You’re never too young to start dressing to impress.

This collection is also available at select stockist including; Nordstrom, Zappos, and Ron Robinson.






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