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Fashion family affair – Superism

Fashion family affair

For Ben Yang, fashion and family are one in the same. Growing up in a home with a highly creative, fashionably intuitive and hard working mother made an important impact on him and helped him become the entrepreneur he is today. For this session, we learned that for the Yangs, the business of fashion is a family affair.

“As far back as I can remember, my mother’s been in fashion. When I think of the two things my mom is very good at, it’s hard work and working with her hands, and she’s always been a very fashionable person. From the time I was born she was a dress contractor for a wide array of brands like Cherokee and Marciano in the 70’s and the decades to follow. She’s always been into detail and fashion and whenever she made some money, she’d always put me in some cool OG suits. I remember some really cool pieces she had like her Gucci alligator skin loafers.

My sister, Jeanne Yang, took a big liking to her career. She went to college and graduated with a degree in Poli-Sci but she was unsure what she wanted to do and it was clear she had inherited my mother’s sense of style. She took a job working for a magazine called Detour, which was a fashion force back then. She eventually became the editor and then began her career in styling. Since starting off with first clients, Jodi Foster and Sarah Michelle Gellar, the list of A-list stars she now calls clients is more than extensive. From Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise to George Clooney and Christian Bale, even president elects… the list is insane.

I grew up in fashion being around my mom and my sister but I was into harder stuff, street wear like Dickie’s and such. I got a blend of ideas from them, mixed with the more conservative side of my dad and brother. It’s really cool to see all that I inherited come to fruition through Superism.”


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